Three-phase oil transformers TMG are designed to convert electricity in the networks of power systems and electricity consumers of outdoor or indoor installation of moderate (from plus 40 to minus 45 °C) or cold (from plus 40 to minus 60 °C ) climate. The environment is non-explosive, does not contain dust in concentrations that reduce the parameters of the products within unacceptable limits. Transformers are not designed to work in shaking, vibration, shock, in a chemically active environment. The installation height above sea level is not more than 1000 m.

The rated frequency is 50 Hz.
Voltage regulation is carried out in the range up to ± 5 % on a completely disconnected transformer (PBV) by switching the branches of the HV winding in stages of 2.5 %.

According to GOST 11677, the maximum deviations of the technical parameters of transformers are: short-circuit voltage ±10%; short-circuit losses on the main branch +10 %; no-load losses +15 %; gross weight +10 %.

TMG transformers are hermetically sealed, without oil expanders.
Temperature changes in the oil volume are compensated by a change in the volume of the tank corrugations due to their elastic deformation.
To control the oil level, the transformers are equipped with a float-type oil indicator.
To prevent the occurrence of excess pressure in the tank in excess of the permissible one, a safety valve is installed in transformers with a capacity of 16 to 63 kV•A.
In order to control the internal pressure in the tank and the alarm if it exceeds the permitted value in transformers with a capacity of 100 kVA and above placed in the room, an electrical contact pressure gauge is installed on demand of the consumer.
To measure the temperature of the upper oil layers, a sleeve for installing a liquid glass thermometer is provided on the cover of the transformers.
To measure the temperature of the upper layers of oil and control external electrical circuits, transformers with a capacity of 1000 and 1250 kV * A designed for operation indoors or under a canopy are equipped with a pressure gauge signaling thermometer at the request of the consumer.

TMG transformers
Power output:from 25 to 2500 kV•A
Voltage:HV-6 ... 27.5 kV, HV-0.23 ... 0.4 kV
Circuits and groups of winding connections:У/Ун-0
Purpose:Three-phase hermetic oil transformers without oil expanders are designed for the conversion of electricity in the networks of power systems and electricity consumers.

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