Automatic switch ВА47-29 4Р 40А 4,5кА х-ка С IEK

Automatic circuit breakers VA47-29 are designed to protect distribution and group circuits with different loads:

  • electrical appliances, lighting
  •  switches type B, 
  • motors with small starting currents (compressor, fans) 
  • circuit breakers type C, 
  • motors with high starting currents (hoists, pumps) 
  • circuit breakers type D.

Automatic switches BA47-29 are recommended in input and distribution devices of residential and public buildings.
Two types of protection against overload and short circuit. A complete set of additional devices that can be easily installed:

  • state contact KS47;
  • state contact KSV47;
  • under-voltage release RMM47;
  • independent release RN47.

Advanced arc-blowout system: extended service life, increased resistance to short-circuit currents. Possibility of simultaneous connection of FORK bus and flexible conductor for distribution of circuit power through upper clamps, and possibility of connection of PIN bus. Contact position indicator available. Wide operating temperature range from -40 to +50 °C.

New ergonomic design of the on/off handle. Notches on the contact clamps reduce heat loss and increase the mechanical stability of the joint.

Technical specifications
Number of poles:4
Rated current:40 А
Response characteristic-current curve:C
Rated operating voltage:400 V
Breaking capacity according to EN 60898:4,5 kA
Width according to the number of modular distances:4
Maximum incoming cable cross-section:25 mm²
Nominal constant current voltage-DC:≤ 48 V
Nominal pulse voltage:4 kV
Energy limiting class:3
Frequency:50 Hs
Degree of protection-IP:IP20
Mounting type:DIN rail
Climatic version:UHL4
Release type:Thermal, electromagnetic
Scope of application:Industrial and domestic
Total number of poles:4
Voltage type:Перемен./постоян. (AC/DC)
Mounting depth-niches:73,6 mm
Connection type:Screw connection
Number of power poles:4
Release time in the short-circuit zone, tm:0,1 с
Availability of explosion protection:Without explosion protection
Mounting rail type:35x7.5
Nominal current:40.0 А
Nominal working voltage:400 V

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